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Note: It is compulsory for student to choose minimum of three or more subjects.  





  1. I will be loyal to the school, and will encourage my child to identify with the school's ideals, and to obey the school rules.
  2. I give permission that my child may participate in any of the extra-curricular activities organized by the school. This includes sporting and cultural activities as well as excursions/tours. I understand that reasonable precautions will always be in place to ensure the safety of children. I further understand that some activities may imply additional costs and I expect to be consulted on this matter before my child is asked to participate.
  3. I accept full responsibility for the prompt payment, in advance, of all school fees and legitimate expenses as indicated on duly rendered school accounts. I understand that I may be asked to withdraw my child if I am not able to settle my account.
  4. I hereby undertake and bind myself to pay any costs, including legal fees, tracing fees and collection costs which may be incurred by the school in it's recovery of any outstanding amount due by me.
  5. Should it be necessary for any reason to withdraw my child during the school year, I understand that I will be responsible for the payment of school fees up to the end of the month in which my child is withdrawn from the school.
  6. I understand that the school dormitories and dining room do not function during school holidays and out-weekends and I accept the responsibility to make alternativear rangements for my child at such times
  7. I give permission that my child may be subject to medical tests for drugs or other illegal substances if there is evidence or reasonable suspicion that he/she may be involved in substance abuse activities. I understand that such testing will always be dealt with confidentially and in a professional manner and that I will be kept informed with regard to the process. I agree to be responsible for any laboratory costs that may be involved.
  8. I give permission that my child may be given basic medication should the need arise.

By submitting this form both PARENT/SPONSOR & LEARNER confirm this contract and that they have read and agreed to the terms & conditions as layed out herein.  

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